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Himself - Subject. Himself as Nikita Krushchev. Paasikivi Moskovassa I Documentary short Himself.

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Kennedy Library and Museum Video documentary short Himself. Der Wodka: Treibstoff der Russischen Seele Eisenhower McNamara Documentary Himself uncredited. Himself - Premier, U. Show all 12 episodes. Cech, Y. Volek On 25 February Khrushchev launched his de-Stalinization campaign with a secret speech to the 20th Party Congress in Moscow. His denunciation of Stalin's brutality, abuses of power, deportation of ethnic minorities, and mass terror had far-reaching effects.

Khrushchev, Nikita

In Khrushchev unveiled his new seven-year plan see Economic planning , promising to overtake the United States in economic performance. Educational reforms were introduced to meet the demands of the new economic program. To Russify Ukraine's educational system, parents were allowed to choose their child's language of instruction in school, and Ukrainian was no longer a required subject in schools using Russian as the language of instruction.

Khrushchev denied the need for languages other than Russian in scientific and technical fields. His ambitious agricultural plans, which opened up vast tracts of virgin land to cultivation, failed to achieve their production goals.

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A new scheme of industrial regionalization and a restructuring of the Party into industrial and agricultural sectors caused confusion and resentment. The news has come as a shock to Soviet diplomats in London who were unaware that their leader might be unwell. A flamboyant character, Mr Khrushchev is described in the Times newspaper today as "the most colourful leader world communism has produced".

see He took over from Joseph Stalin when he died in In he began the first of several visits abroad to improve Soviet relations with the rest of Europe, America and Asia. His denunciation of Stalin in in what's known as the "secret speech" to the 20th Party Congress gave Soviet satellite states such as Poland and Hungary new hope of more political freedom - which were soon crushed by Warsaw Pact troops.

During this speech, he also laid down the foundations of his foreign policy, moving away from the belligerent approach to capitalism and towards co-existence and competition. For Western leaders, his brash and extrovert sense of humour was a refreshing change from the stern image of previous Soviet public figures. He courted socialist parties abroad and encouraged cultural exchanges.