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And so did I at first. But ask your Argentine friends It is these experiences and more which suffuse my writing on the country, and which keep me coming back.

The Empire

Explore my links, peruse my photos, buy my books. From a letter to my readers in Streets that look like Paris, warm hearts and souls that lead to long conversations and more, late nights out dancing until the sun comes out over the Rio de la Plata.


If you know me, you know how much I love Buenos Aires. It had always been a dream of mine to live in the city, and with this book, my love poem to Buenos Aires and her people, my wish came true.

Let my experiences and love for Buenos Aires be your guide to this wonderful city. This book has become the best selling U. Shouldn't you?

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I am available for photo lectures and consultations on Buenos Aires and Argentina, along with other areas of Latin America, and on the Middle East, another area I where I frequently travel. Is your company relocating to Argentina or sending someone on a business trip? Do you need a cultural consultant to discuss the country, or even to provide a photo lecture before your trip to help you make the most of it?

Contact me for more information. When not traveling, my home base in New York City. Check out my main website and my other books also at:. Unfortunately, not all my articles are archived on the web, but Google my name Michael Luongo and Argentina or Buenos Aires for some of my latest articles.

Mister Buenos Aires.

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They call me Mr. After being contacted by Lightstorm Entertainment , James Cameron's own production company, Frommer was hired to create the Na'vi language for Avatar after a ninety minute interview with Cameron. Requested to build a language with a consistent sound system phonology , word-building rules morphology , rules for putting words together into phrases and sentences syntax , and a vocabulary lexicon sufficient for the needs of the script. Cameron also requested that the language be 'pleasant sounding and appealing to cinema audiences'.

The New York Edition

Taking inspiration from the 30 to 40 words Cameron had already creating for place names and character names, Frommer developed the phonetics and phonology of the language - 'the sounds that would and would not appear in the language, along with the rules for combining sounds into syllables and words and the pronunciation rules that might in certain circumstances change one sound into another'.

Throughout the production process, Frommer had to be aware that although the language was alien, it had to be spoken by human actors.

Frommer also designed the morphology structure of words and syntax the structuring of sentences and words for the language. Frommer included structures and processes that were relatively rare in human languages but that could be acquired by humans as the language was used on another planet. For example, the morphology for the language was achieved exclusively through infixes, less common than prefixes and suffixes in human languages.

Frommer's Portable New York City by Brian Silverman

Relying on the actors to communicate the stresses and emphasis of words of the language, Frommer meet with the Na'vi speaking actors such as Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana and supplied them with MP3 recordings of the language as well as coaching the actors in specific areas of communication in the language.

Since Avatar's release, Frommer has received numerous emails from avid fans of the language, with suggestions for improvement and expansion, as well as numerous websites growing with learning Na'vi functions and lessons. This culminated in a regularly updating Soundcloud channel The Sounds of Pandora , which features audio tips on pronunciation from Frommer. Frommer has unofficially confirmed that he will be involved with the sequels.